• Behringer DEQ1024

    Behringer DEQ1024

    Jual Behringer DEQ1024 Equalizer 31 Band Mono. Behringer DEQ1024 sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur Feedback Destroyer, Pink Noise Generator, Dynamic Dan Filter

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer DEQ2496

    Behringer DEQ2496

    Jual Behringer DEQ2496 Equalizer Digital yang sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur tambahan Audio Analyzer, Feedback Destroyer dan Mastering Processor.

    Rp 4.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ1502

    Behringer FBQ1502

    Jual Behringer FBQ1502 15 Band Equalizer. Additional low-cut filter removes unwanted frequencies, e.g. floor rumble, Professional 15-band stereo Equalizer

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ3102

    Behringer FBQ3102

    Jual Behringer FBQ3102 Professional 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications, Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer FBQ6200

    Behringer FBQ6200

    Jual Equalizer Behringer FBQ6200. Audiophile 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications, Shielded toroidal power transformer for ..

    Rp 2.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ800

    Behringer FBQ800

    Jual Behringer FBQ800 Equalizer 9 Band. Ultra-compact 9.5″ graphic equalizer for studio and stage applications, Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system

    Rp 1.300.000
  • DBX 1231

    DBX 1231

    Jual Equalizer DBX 1231 Harga Murah. The DBX 1231 provides standard features like dual-channels, 31 1/3 octave bands. DBX 1231 Murah Harga Promo distributor

    Rp 5.650.000
  • DBX 2031

    DBX 2031

    Jual DBX 2031 Equalizer Original. With a threshold range of 0dbu to plus 20dbu, the patent-pending PeakPlus limiter is designed to tame your program ….

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Phonic GEQ 1500

    Phonic GEQ 1500

    Jual Phonic GEQ 1500 Equalizer 15 Band. The Phonic GEQ 1500 is a single rack space unit and is ideal for both touring and fixed PA installations.

    Rp 2.000.000
  • Phonic GEQ 1502F

    Phonic GEQ 1502F

    Jual Phonic GEQ 1502F Equalizer 15Band. Low cut filter to remove unwanted low frequency sounds, Extremely accurate 4-segment LED level meter and input gain.

    Rp 2.000.000
  • Phonic GEQ 3100

    Phonic GEQ 3100

    Jual Equalizer 31 Band Phonic GEQ 3100. 4-segment LED meter for monitoring output levels, Frequency Response between <10Hz and >50kHz, Dynamic range greater than 108dB

    Rp 2.000.000