Power Amplifier Ceiling

  • Crown 135MA

    Crown 135MA

    Jual Power Amplifier Crown 135MA Murah. The Crown 135MA provides 3 inputs (each with a volume control) and a 35W amplifier output. The 160MA provides …..

    Rp 2.850.000
  • Crown 160MA

    Crown 160MA

    Jual Crown 160MA Power Amplifier untuk ceiling dan walling speaker Murah. Power amplifier ini digunakan untuk instalasi speaker walling ataupun speaker ceil

    Rp 6.800.000
  • Crown 180MA

    Crown 180MA

    Jual Power Amplifier Crown 180MA Original. It provides 4-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and
    100V). The 180MA has 4 inputs and one 80W power amplifier

    Rp 7.200.000
  • Crown 280MA

    Crown 280MA

    Jual Crown 280MA Power Amplifier Ceiling Speaker. It provides 4-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V). The 280MA has 8 inputs and dual 80W power .

    Rp 9.800.000
  • Proel PA-AMP03VR

    Proel PA-AMP03VR

    Jual Power Amplifier Proel PA-AMP03VR. Power Amplifier Proel PA-AMP03VR khusus digunakan untuk Ceiling Speaker High Impedance.

    Rp 1.950.000
  • Proel PA-AMP120XL

    Proel PA-AMP120XL

    Rp 2.850.000
  • TOA ZA-2120

    TOA ZA-2120

    Jual Power Amplifier Ceiling / Walling Speaker TOA ZA-2120 for broadcasting paging or background music in schools, offices, shops, factories, mosques…

    Rp 1.900.000