Aksesoris Gitar Bass

  • Behringer AB100

    Behringer AB100

    Jual Behringer AB100 Murah. Behringer AB100 When you need to switch between amps or instruments during a live performance, let the INSTRUMENT/AMP your….

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer AB200

    Behringer AB200

    Jual Behringer AB200 Foot Switch murah. Behringer AB200 This universal, ultra-compact 2-channel footswitch is an accessory for stage and studio applications

    Rp 850.000
  • Behringer-BASS-V-AMP

    Behringer BASS V-AMP

    Jual Bass Virtual Amplifier harga murah. Behringer BASS V-AMP sangat banyak digunakan untuk kebutuhan Bassis di panggung ataupun studio band.

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Behringer-BASS-V-AMP-PRO

    Behringer BASS V-AMP PRO

    Jual Behringer BASS V-AMP PRO Bass Virtual Amplifier Murah. Behringer BASS V-AMP PRO sangat banyak digunakan oleh bassis di studio Recording.

    Rp 2.800.000
  • Behringer-BDI21

    Behringer BDI21

    Jual Behringer BDI21 Bass Amp Modeler Murah. The Behringer BDI21 combines the features of an active DI box with our proprietary tube emulation circuitry.

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer-BEQ700

    Behringer BEQ700

    Jual Behringer BEQ700 Efek Gitar Bass Murah. Behringer BEQ700 Ultimate 7-Band Graphic Equalizer With 15 dB available boost or cut per band.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer-BLE400

    Behringer BLE400

    Jual Dynamic Effect Bass Behringer BLE400 Murah. Ultimate Dynamics Effects Pedal The BASS LIMITER ENHANCER Behringer BLE400. Promo Behringer BLE400 Murah

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer-BO300

    Behringer BO300

    Jual Overdrive Bass Behringer BO300 Murah. Behringer BO300 Classic Overdrive Effects Pedal They say you have to “pay your dues to sing the blues,”.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer-BOD400

    Behringer BOD400

    Jual Behringer BOD400 Tube Overdrive Murah. Behringer BOD400 Authentic Tube-Sound Overdrive Effects Pedal One. Promo Behringer BOD400 Murah

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer-BSY600

    Behringer BSY600

    The Behringer BSY600 is a sophisticated bass synthesizer tucked away in a compact stomp box that gives your guitar or bass tons of extra low-frequency tone.

    Rp 1.000.000
  • Jual-Behringer-BUC400

    Behringer BUC400

    Jual Behringer BUC400 Efek Gitar Chorus Murah. Behringer BUC400 Adalah Stombox Gitar bass yang sangat banyak digunakan oleh pemain gitar bass. Stompbox ini

    Rp 650.000
  • Jual-Behringer-BUF300

    Behringer BUF300

    Jual Behringer BUF300 Flanger bass Murah. Behringer BUF300 allows you to add the swirling sound of flanging to your bass, without sacrificing bottom end …

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer FCV100

    Behringer FCV100

    Jual Behringer FCV100 Foot Control. Volume control of 1 stereo or 2 individual musical instruments, Dedicated modulation function for direct connection …

    Rp 850.000
  • Korg Pandora PX

    Korg Pandora PX

    Jual Multi Effect Korg Pandora PX Murah. An amazing 158 types of amps/effects powered by “REMS” modeling technology, Editing is easy! Save 200 user programs

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Korg Pandora PX Mini

    Korg Pandora PX Mini

    Jual Korg Pandora PX Mini Murah. Korg Pandora PX Mini Built-in tuner, plus a full complement of support functions, 200 easily-edited user programs ….

    Rp 1.200.000
  • VOX Stomplab 1B

    VOX Stomplab 1B

    Jual Effect Gitar Bass VOX Stomplab 1B Original. 100 preset patches for all styles of music, Rugged metal housing, 60 tweakable effects to create your …

    Rp 1.200.000
  • VOX Stomplab 2B

    VOX Stomplab 2B

    Jual Efek Gitar Bass Dengan Pedal VOX Stomplab 2B Original. 100 preset patches for all styles of music, Rugged metal housing, 61 tweakable effects to …

    Rp 1.500.000