• AKG C1000

    AKG C1000

    Jual Mic Vocal AKG C1000 Original Murah. Gold sputtered microphone capsule and XLR pins, Powered by internal AA batteries or by phantom power, Presence …

    Rp 2.200.000
  • AKG C214

    AKG C214

    Jual Mic Recording AKG C214 Original. Sonic character of the C414 XLII, Outstanding dynamic range and ultralow noise, Switchable 20dB attenuator and ….

    Rp 5.000.000
  • AKG C3000

    AKG C3000

    Jual Mic Recording AKG C3000 Murah. Ultralow-noise electronics and high headroom enable for high dynamic range and allow high SPL, Switchable low-cut filter

    Rp 3.200.000
  • AKG C391B

    AKG C391B

    Jual Mic Cardioid AKG C391B Original Murah. AKG C391B Precise cardioid polar pattern, Switchable attenuation pad, Switchable bass-cut filter, performance ..

    Rp 3.550.000
  • AKG C4000B

    AKG C4000B

    Jual Microphone Recording AKG C4000B Original. Genuine one-inch dual-diaphragm condenser transducer, One of the quietest condenser microphones available

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Allen & Heath ZED 12FX

    Allen & Heath ZED 12FX

    Jual Mixer 12 Channel Allen & Heath ZED 12FX, 12-channel mixer with 6 mic/line inputs and 3 stereo line channels, Inserts on all mono channels, smooth fader

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Allen & Heath ZED 16FX

    Allen & Heath ZED 16FX

    Jual Mixer Allen & Heath ZED 16FX. 10 mono mic/line inputs, 3 stereo channels with 2-band EQ, 16 internal time-delay effects, Super wide gain DuoPreTM mic

    Rp 7.500.000
  • Allen & Heath ZED 22FX

    Allen & Heath ZED 22FX

    Jual Allen & Heath ZED 22FX Mixer Analog. 22-channel mixer with 16 mic/line inputs and three dual stereo channels, Includes copy of SONAR LE recording

    Rp 8.500.000
  • Allen Heath ZED 10FX

    Allen Heath ZED 10FX

    Jual Allen Heath ZED 10FX Asli. while the mixer has two stereo inputs for MP3/CD players or keyboards. It is ultra portable for carrying to the gig.

    Rp 5.850.000
  • Allen Heath ZED60 10FX

    Allen Heath ZED60 10FX

    Jual Mixer 8 Channel Allen Heath ZED60 10FX Asli. crafting and refining beautiful reverb algorithms to enhance every performance. pre-amps are similar in ..

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Allen Heath ZED60 14FX

    Allen Heath ZED60 14FX

    Jual Mixer 12 Channel Allen Heath ZED60 14FX. These inputs have been crafted to recreate the sound of a classic tube preamp in a combo or head amp for …

    Rp 7.250.000
  • Alto ACL8

    Alto ACL8

    Jual Alto ACL8 Harga Murah. The Alto ACL8 delivers eight channels of crystal clear compression, brick wall limiting and inaudible noise gating for the most

    Rp 4.350.000
  • Alto ACOM2

    Alto ACOM2

    Jual Alto ACOM2 Compressor Murah. ACOM2 is a two-channel compressor/limiter/gate that gives you maximum clarity and smooth level control for any pro audio.

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Alto Empire TMX160 DFX

    Alto Empire TMX160 DFX

    Jual Alto Empire TMX160 DFX Power Mixer Murah. 30 total inputs including 12 XLR jacks, Continuous 2 x 750 Watts at 4 Ω; 1500 Watts at 8 Ω Bridged

    Rp 7.400.000
  • Alto Empire TMX200 DFX

    Alto Empire TMX200 DFX

    Jual Power Mixer Murah Alto Empire TMX200 DFX. Continuous 2 x 750 Watts at 4 Ω + 2 x 500 Watts at 4 Ω; 1500 W at 8 Ω bridged + 1000 Watts at 8 Ω bridged

    Rp 11.000.000
  • Alto KICK15

    Alto Kick 15

    Jual Alto Kick 15 Harga Promo. 400 Watts peak power, 200 Watts continuous | 4-channel mixer | 15” low-frequency transducer, 1” compression driver

    Rp 6.500.000
  • Alto Live 1202

    Alto Live 1202

    Jual Alto Live 1202 Mixer 12 Channel Harga Murah. 7 XLR inputs with high- DNA™ mic preamps | Dynamic compression (Channels 1-4) | 100 Alesis DSP effects

    Rp 5.200.000
  • Alto Live 1604

    Alto Live 1604

    Jual Alto Live 1604 Mixer 16 Channel. 10 XLR inputs with DNA(TM) microphone preamps | 100 Alesis DSP effects | USB audio connectivity with level control

    Rp 5.500.000
  • Alto Live 2404

    Alto Live 2404

    Jual Alto Live 2404 Mixer 24 Channel Murah. 18 XLR inputs with DNA(TM) microphone preamps | 4 aux sends; pre/post switching on sends 1+2 | 100 Alesis Effect

    Rp 8.000.000
  • Alto ZMX122FX

    Alto ZMX122FX

    Jual Alto ZMX122FX 8 Channel Mixer Compact Mixer Lengkap dengan effect Effects. Three-band EQ on each channel | Input Channels: Mono channels (Ch. 1 – 4)

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Alto ZMX124FXU

    Alto ZMX124FXU

    Jual Alto ZMX124FXU 12 Channel Mixer with Effects and USB Interface 20 total inputs 3-band EQ with swept mid on microphone channels 4-band fixed EQ 

    Rp 4.500.000
  • Alto ZMX164FXU

    Alto ZMX164FXU

    Jual Alto ZMX164FXU Mixer 16 Channel Murah. 28 total inputs | 3-band EQ with swept mid on microphone channels | 4-band fixed EQ on stereo line channels

    Rp 5.500.000
  • Alto ZMX244FXU

    Alto ZMX244FXU

    Jual Alto ZMX244FXU Mixer 24 Channel Murah. 44 total inputs | 4-bus sub mixer | 4 AUX sends per channel: 2 PRE/POST faders switchable | 9-band graphic EQ

    Rp 7.250.000
  • Alto ZMX862

    Alto ZMX862

    Jual Alto ZMX862 Mixer 6 Channel. The Alto ZMX862 is a 6-channel, 2-bus mixer with two phantom power-equipped microphone inputs, a three-band EQ …

    Rp 1.500.000
  • Ashley PS154PP

    Ashley PS154PP

    Jual Portable Speaker Ashley PS154PP. Sudah termasuk Microphne Wireless 4 Buah. 200 Watt Power output, USB Player, USB Recording Dan 2 input Microphone

    Rp 4.250.000
  • Ashley U12DVD

    Ashley U12DVD

    Jual Speaker Potrtable Ashley U12DVD. Sudah termasuk 2 Buah Microphone Wireless, DVD Player, USB Input, Memory Card Input, dan SD Card Input

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Aubern U1002ST

    Aubern U1002ST

    Jual Aubern U1002ST Portable PA System. CD Player, USB Slot, Memory Card Slot, Tape Recorder / Player, 2 Wireless Microphone UHF (Channel Switch)

    Rp 5.800.000
  • Audio Technica AE2500

    Audio Technica AE2500

    Jual Mic Kick Drum Audio Technica AE2500. Revolutionary dual-element design represents a ground-breaking transducer achievement | Robust design for enduring


    Rp 7.000.000
  • Audio Technica AE3000

    Audio Technica AE3000

    Jual Mic Snare Drum Audio Technica AE3000. Excels in high-SPL applications | Robust design for enduring dependability on the road | Integral 80 Hz HPF swith

    Rp 4.000.000
  • Audio Technica AE3300

    Audio Technica AE3300

    Jual Mic Vocal Audio Technica AE3300. Superior anti-shock engineering ensures low handling noise and quiet performance | Integral 80 Hz HPF switch and 10 dB pad

    Rp 4.000.000
  • Audio Technica AE4100

    Audio Technica AE4100

    Jual Vocal Microphone Audio Technica AE4100. The back-cavity assembly “floats” inside the handle shell, providing exceptional isolation from handling noise

    Rp 2.900.000
  • Audio Technica AE5100

    Audio Technica AE5100

    Jual Microphone Perkusi Audio Technica AE5100. Microphone untuk overheads, percussion, acoustic guitar, strings dan alat perkusi lain | Polar Pattern: Cardioid

    Rp 4.000.000
  • Audio Technica AE5400

    Audio Technica AE5400

    Jual Vocal Microphone Audio Technica AE5400. The ultimate vocal performance instrument | Superior anti-shock engineering ensures low handling noise and quiet performance

    Rp 5.150.000
  • Audio Technica AE6100

    Audio Technica AE6100

    Jual Mic Hypercardioid Audio Technica AE6100. Great presence with excellent monitor cut | Assertive sound for the uncompromising vocalist | Maximum feedback rejection

    Rp 2.900.000
  • Audio Technica AEW 5111A

    Audio Technica AEW 5111A

    Jual Mic Wireless Audio Technica AEW 5111A Murah.  Audio Technica AEW 5111A adalah Professional Wireless Microphone yang dapat dihubungkan ke Komputer.

    Rp 35.500.000
  • Audio Technica AEW 5233A

    Audio Technica AEW 5233A

    Jual Microphone Wireless Audio Technica AEW 5233A Murah. Audio Technica AEW 5233A adalah microphone hanheld atau mic genggam yang digunakan untuk Pro Vocal

    Rp 45.200.000
  • Audio Technica AEW 5244A

    Audio Technica AEW 5244A

    Jual Mic Wireless Audio Technica AEW 5244A harga Murah. Audio Technica AEW 5244A sangat banyak digunakan untuk mic vocal artis. Audio Technica AEW 5244A

    Rp 37.650.000
  • Audio Technica AEW 5255a

    Audio Technica AEW 5255A

    Jual Mic Wireless Audio Technica AEW 5255A Murah. Audio Technica AEW 5255A Professional dual wireless microphone. Jual Mic Wireless Vocal Audio Technica

    Rp 46.800.000
  • Audio Technica AEW 5266A

    Audio Technica AEW 5266A

    Jual Wireless Microphone Audio Technica AEW 5266A Harga Murah. Audio Technica AEW 5266A Dual Wireless handheld Microphone Professional Vocal Artis Design

    Rp 36.800.000
  • Audio Technica AT 9945 CM

    Audio Technica AT 9945 CM

    Jual Microphone Kamera DSLR Audio Technica AT 9945 CM. Two large-diameter 14mm microphone units for wide range sound collection (90 degree angle)

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Audio Technica AT 9946 CM

    Audio Technica AT 9946 CM

    Jual Audio Technica AT 9946 CM Clip On Microphone. Plug-in power supply for easy usage | Accessories include: Wind-muff attachment to reduce wind noise, hot shoe mount


    Rp 2.100.000
  • Audio Technica AT 9947 CM

    Audio Technica AT 9947 CM

    Jual Microphone Kamera DSLR Audio Technica AT 9947 CM. Low-cut function (PAT.) reduces unwanted wind or vibration noise | Newly developed shock-mount minimizes sound from lens movement or handling noise


    Rp 1.700.000
  • Audio Technica AT2005USB

    Audio Technica AT2005USB

    Jual Microphone Cardioid Audio Technica AT2005USB. Frequency Respons: 50-15,000 Hz | Power Requirements: USB Power (5V DC) | Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz/48 kHz

    Rp 1.700.000
  • Audio Technica AT2010

    Audio Technica AT2010

    Jual Microphone Audio Technica AT2010. Polar pattern: Cardioid | Frequency response: 40-20,000 Hz | Open circuit sensitivity | Impedance: 100 ohms



    Rp 1.700.000
  • Audio Technica AT2020

    Audio Technica AT2020

    Jual Microphone Vocal Audio Technica AT2020. Ideal untuk project/home studio | High SPL handling dan wide dynamic range memberikan fleksibilitas tak tertandingi


    Rp 1.700.000
  • Audio Technica AT2020 USB+

    Audio Technica AT2020 USB+

    Jual Microphone Rekaman Audio Technica AT2020 USB+. Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording | Polar Pattern: Cardioid


    Rp 2.500.000
  • Audio Technica AT2021

    Audio Technica AT2021

    Jual Audio Technica AT2050 Microphone. Microphone ini Ideal untuk acoustic guitar, overheads, piano and group vocals. Design Condenser untuk studio quality vocal dan instrument applications

    Rp 1.700.000
  • Audio Technica AT2022

    Audio Technica AT2022

    Jual Stereo Microphone Audio Technica AT2022. Ideal untuk rekaman studio pada umumnya dan menangkap bidang suara. Memberikan dampak spesial dan realisme live sound

    Rp 3.600.000
  • Audio Technica AT2031

    Audio Technica AT2031

    Jual Microphone Instrumen Audio Technica AT2031. Audio Technica AT2031 Ideal untuk digunakan pada alat musik strings. High SPL handling and wide dynamic range

    Rp 2.300.000
  • Audio Technica AT2035

    Audio Technica AT2035

    Jual Audio Technica AT2035. Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise | High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility

    Rp 2.200.000