TOA ZR-2015S

TOA ZR-2015S

Jual Megaphone TOA ZR-2015S Asli Murah. The ZR-2015S comes with a whistle and has a separate microphone. It can be mounted to the optional speaker stand.

Rp 550.000

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TOA ZR-2015S


Power Source R14P (C) × 6 (9 V DC)
Rated Output 15 W
Maximum Output 23 W
Battery Life Voice: Approx. 9 hours (JEITA)*, Whistle: Approx. 20 minutes (JEITA)*
Signal Sound Whistle (1.6 to 2.4 kHz)
Audible Range Voice: Approx. 400 m (JEITA)*
Whistle: Approx. 500 m (JEITA)*
Diaphragm Polyimide film (voice coil, bobbin)
Anti-bacteria Treatment Microphone
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Finish Horn: ABS resin, light gray
Microphone and other: ABS resin, gray
Strap: Nylon, black
Dimensions φ210 × 336 mm
Weight Body: 1.2 kg (without microphone and batteries)
Microphone: 150 g
Option Speaker stand: ST-16A

TOA ZR-2015S
Shoulder megaphone rated at 15 W of output

  • Anti-bacterial treatment for all models (mouthpiece/microphone and handle)
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • High durability ABS or ASA resin construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wide frequency range for enhanced audio quality
  • Neodymium magnets for high audio performance
  • Polyimide speaker diaphragms
  • Extended audible range

TOA portable power megaphones are available in different configurations to meet different
user needs. Every model now has been treated for antibacterial properties to cope with use
in multi-user environments. From light and compact configurations to high-performance
shoulder-mounted types, TOA power megaphones offer exceptional reliability and performance.

The ZR-2015S is a shoulder megaphone rated at 15 W of output. The ZR-2015S comes
with a whistle and has a separate microphone. It can be mounted to the optional ST-16A
speaker stand. Microphone with anti-bacteria treatment improve hygiene and safety during use.
The newly developed polyimide diaphragm is employed to ensure high sound quality.

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Weight 7 kg