Korg Microkey 25

Rp 1.200.000

Jual Korg Microkey 25 Midi Keyboard. Natural Touch mini-keyboard, microKEY-25 =25 keys, microKEY-25 =Joystick, arpeggiator button, Sustain / TAP button.

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Korg Microkey 25

Natural Touch mini-keyboard
microKEY-25 =25 keys
microKEY-25 =Joystick, arpeggiator button, Sustain / TAP button
Octave Shift
microKEY-25/37 =-4~+4
microKEY-25 = USB: Type B (x1)
USB bus power
Power Consumption
microKEY-25 = Less than 100m

Natural Touch mini keyboard

Slim, lightweight, USB bus powered, and compatible with all computer-based music software, the microKEY is a great way to create your production setup. The Korg microKEY 25 features the velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard that was acclaimed on instruments such as the microKORG XL and the microARRANGER. The proportions of the black and white keys has been adjusted for optimal playability, easy chording, and rapid phrase work; careful attention has been paid to the touch and playing feel. The “waterfall-type” keyboard makes it easy to play glissandos. This keyboard will accurately convey the dynamics of your performance to your software.

Three popular keyboard ranges

In addition to the existing 37-key model, a 25-key model and a 61-key model have been newly added to the lineup. The 25-key model features excellent portability, allowing you to enjoy playing and producing with a great-feeling keyboard even when you’re away from home. The 37-key model provides good playability while still allowing a compact production setup. And the 61-key model offers full five octaves, satisfying the performing musician while fitting in the same horizontal dimensions as a full-sized 49-key model. You’re sure to find the microKEY model that’s the perfect fit for your music production setup or style.

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Weight 9 kg