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Jual Digital Piano Korg LP350 | Distributor musik

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Korg LP350

Rp 10.500.000

Jual Korg LP350 Digital piano Original. Powerful speaker system generates rich, vibrant sound. Rich and refined piano sounds that convey every nuance

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Korg LP350


88 notes (A0 ~ C8), RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard

Touch Control:
Light, Normal, Heavy

Sound Generation: Stereo Sampling System

60 notes (max)

30 sounds (5 Pianos, 7 Electric Pianos, Harpsichord, 2 Clavs, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs)

Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)

30 songs (10 songs in 3 banks)

Tempo, Time Signature, Accent and Volume controls

Key Transpose, Fine Tuning, Temperament (Equal, Kirnberger, Werkmeister)

Layer Function Pedal:
damper**, soft**, (**half-pedaling supported), sostenuto

OUTPUT (L/MONO, R: mini-stereo), 2 x Headphones, Damper, MIDI (IN, OUT)

Main Amp: 2 x 11 Watt

Speakers (2 x 10 cm) with bass-reflex speaker box

Power Supply:
DC 12V (External AC adapter) 3.5A

Rich, expressive sound combines with a sleek and modern body. Introducing the LP-350 digital piano. This modern slim-line piano will enhance your home, not only with its deeply expressive sound, but also with its beautiful appearance.

Modern style digital piano that is pleasing to both the ears – and the eyes!

The Korg LP350 is designed to visually complement nearly any living space. Less than 11 inches deep, the slim-line styling is both space-saving and efficient. When not in use, the thoughtful design of the LP350 leaves a smooth, flat top with absolutely no protruding hinges, allowing the LP-350 to become part of your room’s decor. Yet in spite of its slim-line profile, the Korg LP350 is equipped to provide a robust and accurate piano performance, complete with grand-touch action, all three pedals, and a powerful speaker system to deliver a rich piano sound.

The Korg LP350 digital piano is available in two colors – classic black, or a restful and elegant white – each with metallic silver accents that add a modern touch.

Rich and refined piano sounds that convey every nuance

The piano sound of the LP350 was meticulously sampled in stereo directly from a concert grand piano to ensure a lavishly resonant and realistic tone. The samples were captured at multiple velocity levels, so subtle variations in expression will be naturally reflected in the piano sound you hear. The Korg LP350 extends beyond piano to include a rich variety of sounds – 30 in all! In addition, Layer mode allows two sounds to be played simultaneously; and of course, the balance between the two sounds is adjustable.

Korg’s top-of-the-line piano action

The Korg LP350 features our finest piano touch and feel, using our RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3). Just as on a traditional grand piano, the keyboard of this digital piano provides a heavier playing touch in the lower register, becoming progressively lighter towards the upper keys. Refinements designed for capturing rapidly repeated strikes ensure that the pianist’s expressive abilities will not be impaired even during fast passages. Three levels of touch sensitivity are available using the Key Touch Control function, allowing you to customize the dynamic response to your own playing style. As a measure of environmental responsibility, Korg does not use lead in the keyboard hammers.

Powerful speaker system generates rich, vibrant sound.

The internal stereo sound system of the LP350 digital piano features two large 10 cm speakers powered by a pair of 11-watt amplifiers. These speakers are housed in a bass-reflex enclosure, providing extended low-end response for a deep, full sound. The position of the speaker enclosure below the keyboard allows the sound to envelope the entire piano, creating a more natural resonance.

Premium pedal performance

Pedals are an indispensible part of piano performance, and the LP-350 digital piano provides the same three pedals found on a concert grand piano: damper, soft, and sostenuto. Both the damper and soft pedals support half-pedaling to allow more subtle expressive touches. The entire pedal unit can be repositioned on the Korg LP350, providing extra support when used free-standing, or offering a more compact footprint when placed against a wall or partition.

Additional features to enhance your performance enjoyment

  • Effects: The LP350 digital piano features on-board effects to enhance the sound; reverb to add depth and ambience, and chorus to add motion and fullness. The depth for each effect is independently adjustable.
  • Metronome: The metronome is convenient for practice and learning. The tempo can be set by the slider, or a specific tempo may be entered manually. In addition, the meter/time signature is also selectable, with a selectable accent (standard or bell) to mark the downbeat. The metronome volume can be freely set.
  • Key Transpose: The musical key of the LP-350 can be quickly set, to allow familiar fingerings while sounding different keys. This is helpful when working with singers with varying ranges (male/female etc.) or different instruments.
  • Temperaments: In addition to equal temperament and piano stretch-tunings, you can choose from two historical temperaments (Kirnberger and Werckmeister) for period-correct performances.
  • Demo songs: 30 demonstration songs ranging from classical to originals can be individually selected, or listened to in series, showcasing each of the onboard sounds.
  • MIDI connectors: The LP-350 MIDI piano provides both IN and OUT jacks that support MIDI, the standard way to transfer performance data between electronic musical instruments and computers. This can be used for educational software, “edutainment” applications, MIDI recordings or notation software.

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Additional information

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Weight 86 kg


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    Jual Gitar Electric Ibanez GRG 170 Original. fretboard: Bound rosewood fretboard w/Sharktooth inlay, neck type: GRG Maple neck, body: Basswood body.

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  • Samsons Graphite M32

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  • Korg Microarranger

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    Korg KingKorg

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  • Korg Wave Drum XGLB

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    Jual Synthesizer Perkusi Korg Wave Drum XGLB Asli. 200 preset programs cover a vast range of sounds from classic percussion to unique and novel sounds.

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  • Behringer XD8USB

    Behringer XD8USB

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  • Yamaha PSR S750

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  • Line 6 Mobile Keys 25

    Line 6 Mobile Keys 25

    Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 Premium Controllers | Perfect for GarageBand | Compatible with iOS, Mac and PC | True Mobility
    Professional Features …

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  • Behringer HPX6000

    Behringer HPX6000

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  • Casio CTK 6200

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    Jual Keyboard Casio CTK 6200 Murah. Keyboard ini sudah bisa fitur memory card SD. sangat cocok untuk pemula ataupun untuk hadiah Ulang tahun yang spesial.

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  • Samson Graphite 49

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  • Korg X50

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    Jual Korg X50 Synthesizer Original. 512 professional-quality sound programs produced by the HI synthesis system used on the world-famous TRITON series.

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  • Behringer DDM4000

    Behringer DDM4000

    Jual Behringer DDM4000 Mixer DJ. Behringer DDM4000 dengan 5 Channel Input. Sangat Cocok untuk kebutuhan Club, Pub, Diskotik ataupun untuk kebutuhan Live

    Rp 5.000.000
  • Behringer DX2000USB

    Behringer DX2000USB

    Jual Mixer DJ Behringer DX2000USB 7 channel. 5 dual stereo inputs plus 2 mono mic/line channels with ULN mic preamps, Phantom Power, Gain control and Clip .

    Rp 4.500.000
  • Yamaha PSR E443

    Yamaha PSR E443

    Jual Keyboard Terbaru dari Yamaha PSR E443. Keyboard ini sudah dilengkapi dengan Fitur USB.  Sangat cocok untuk anak yang baru belajar atau untuk di rumah.

    Rp 4.600.000
  • Korg SV1 73Key

    Korg SV1 73Key

    Jual Korg SV1 73Key Digital piano Murah. Korg SV1 73Key Tap into 36 of the most in-demand instrument sounds Get your hands on your tone with front-panel …

    Rp 13.500.000
  • Korg Krome 73

    Korg Krome 73

    Jual Workstation Korg Krome 73 Murah. Korg KROME 73 has a full complement of the features you’ve come to expect from a Korg workstation, starting with the .

    Rp 11.700.000
  • Casio CTK 7000

    Casio CTK 7000

    Jual Keyboard Casio CTK 7000 Murah. Keyboard Casio CTK 7000 sudah ada fitur Memory Card dan keyboard ini sudah tersedia fitur untuk record, Harga promo

    Rp 3.300.000
  • Ibanez GSR200

    Ibanez GSR200

    Jual Ibanez GSR200 Gitar Bass Asli Original. neck type: GSR4 Maple neck, fret: Medium frets, number of frets: 22, bridge: B10 bridge, body: Agathis body

    Rp 3.250.000
  • Korg LP180

    Korg LP180

    Jual Korg LP180 Digital Piano Original Murah, Korg LP180 Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard faithfully reproduces an acoustic piano touch and feel

    Rp 9.200.000
  • Behringer CMD STUDIO 4A

    Jual Behringer CMD STUDIO 4A Alat DJ Portable. Complete mixer section with crossfader and 2 channel faders, 3-band EQ, EQ kill, FX assign, cue and track …

    Rp 3.200.000
  • Korg Kross 88

    Korg Kross 88

    Jual Workstation Korg Kross 88 Original. Step sequencer inherited from the Electribe, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, a drum track, and an arpeggiator …

    Rp 10.700.000
  • Samson Graphite M25

    Samson Graphite M25

    Jual Samson Graphite M25. 25-key velocity-sensitive mini keyboard | Ultra-portable design, perfect for home studios and on-the-go applications

    Rp 1.000.000
  • Fender 69 Tele Thinline MN 3CLRSB

    Fender 69 Tele Thinline MN 3CLRSB

    Jual Gitar Fender 69 Tele Thinline MN 3CLRSB. Series: Classic | Origin: Mexico | Body: Mahogany | Category: Electric Guitar Semi Hollow Body | Nut: Synthetic Bone


    Rp 9.000.000
  • Soundcraft Si Expression 1

    Soundcraft Si Expression 1

    Jual Mixer Digital Soundcraft Si Expression 1. 16 mono mic inputs; 4 line inputs; AES in and out, Up to 66 input processing channels, 4 Lexicon effects

    Rp 42.500.000
  • Rockwell RG 01

    Rockwell RG 01

    Jual Gitar Elektrik Rockwell RG 01. Body: Mahogany, Neck: Beech Maple, Scale: 25.5″, Frets: 24, Pick-Up: 1 Humbucker G&B, Controls: 1 Vol 1 Tone

    Rp 1.350.000
  • Yamaha DTX542K

    Yamaha DTX542K

    Jual Drum Elektrik Yamaha DTX542K Murah. Samples: 20 waves (maximum), Sample Data Bits: 16 bits, Sampling Time * Mono/Stereo: 44.1kHz: 12 sec (mono)

    Rp 9.700.000
  • Samson Graphite 25

    Samson Graphite 25

    Jual Samson Graphite 25 | 25-key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch | 4 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with aftertouch (two banks) for drum sounds

    Rp 1.750.000
  • Behringer-BCR2000

    Behringer BCR2000

    Jual Behringer BCR2000 Midi Controller Murah. The Behringer BCR2000 is USB compatible, features full MIDI In/Out/Thru capability and 32 endless rotary.

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer DJX900USB

    Behringer DJX900USB

    Jual Behringer DJX900USB Mixer DJ. Additional 3-way kill switches with extremely steep frequency separation, VCA-controlled faders for utmost reliability ..

    Rp 3.800.000
  • Behringer DJX750

    Behringer DJX750

    Jual Behringer DJX750 Mixer DJ. Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design, Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing style

    Rp 5.000.000
  • Yamaha DTX522K

    Yamaha DTX522K

    Jual Drum Yamaha DTX522K Original Asli. Maximum Polyphony: 32 notes, Voices: Drum and percussion: 691,Melodies: 128, Effects: Reverb: 9, Master EQ: 2 bands

    Rp 7.800.000
  • Behringer DX626

    Behringer DX626

    Jual Behringer DX626 Mixer DJ 3 Channel yang sudah dilengkapi dengan Fitur BMP (Beat-Per-Minute) counter. BNC Gooseneck Lamp Socket, Dan Monitor function ..

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Tama VD46CBC

    Tama VD46CBC

    Jual Drum Tama VD46CBC Murah. Incl. Special cocktail pedal , Incl. mounting clamps for snare and tom, Incl. drum and hardware bag, Can be stored in only two

    Rp 8.600.000
  • Behringer NOX404

    Behringer NOX404

    Jual Behringer NOX404 Mixer DJ. Premium 2-channel battle DJ mixer for the most demanding turntablist, remixer and digital DJ.

    Rp 4.000.000
  • Yamaha PSR S950

    Yamaha PSR S950

    Jual Keyboard professional Yamaha PSR S950. Lengkap dengan fitur USB, MP3, Vocal Remover, Mic Input, Video Output dan Sudah menggunakan system digital.

    Rp 15.500.000
  • Korg Krome 88

    Korg Krome 88

    Jual Workstation Korg Krome 88 Murah. The Korg KROME 88 Editor and KROME Plug-In Editor allow you to edit your KROME from your computer while viewing large

    Rp 16.200.000
  • Korg Padkontrol KPC 1

    Korg Padkontrol KPC 1

    Jual Korg Padkontrol KPC 1 Controller Original Garansi Resmi. Controllers: 16 velocity-sensitive Trigger pads with LED illumination, X-Y pad, Two assignable

    Rp 2.100.000
  • Korg TinyPiano

    Korg TinyPiano

    Jual Korg TinyPiano piano untuk anak balita. Korg TinyPiano Twenty-five built-in sounds that let you learn while playing Fifty built-in demo songs to enjoy

    Rp 2.650.000
  • Korg Volca Keys

    Korg Volca Keys

    Jual Synthesizer Korg Volca Keys Murah Original. Loop sequencer lets you record phrases just as you play them, Self-tuning function, Polyphonic performance

    Rp 2.000.000
  • Behringer FCB1010

    Behringer FCB1010

    Jual Behringer FCB1010 Midi Controller. 10 banks of presets, each with 10 fully user-editable presets, 2 expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI …

    Rp 2.600.000