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Jual Speaker Passive | Distributor Musik

Speaker Passive

  • Behringer-B1220-PRO

    Behringer B1220 PRO

    Jual Behringer B1220 PRO Speaker Passive  Murah. Behringer B1220 Pro adalah Speaker Passive 12 Inch yang sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan outdoor atau indoor.

    Rp 9.500.000
  • Behringer-B1520-PRO

    Behringer B1520 PRO

    Jual Behringer B1520 Pro Speaker Pasif 15″ Murah. Behringer B1520 adalah speaker passive 15″ dengan power 1200 Watt. Sangat cocok untuk indoor dan outdoor.

    Rp 11.000.000
  • Behringer-B212XL

    Behringer B212XL

    Jual Speaker Behringer B212XL murah. Behringer B212XL adalah speaker Passive yang sangat banyak digunakan untuk kebutuhan outdoor ataupun indoor

    Rp 5.250.000
  • behringer-B215XL

    Behringer B215XL

    Jual Speaker Pasif 15″ Murah. Behringer B215XL adalah speaker Passive 15 Inch dengan kemampuan power 1000 watt. Harga Behringer B215XL Murah, Order Sekarang

    Rp 6.350.000
  • Behringer CE500A

    Behringer CE500A

    Jual Behringer CE500A Speaker Dinding untuk kebutuhan ruang kelas, kamar tidur, Restoran, ataupun untuk cafe. speaker ini sangat Pas untuk Background Musik

    Rp 3.950.000
  • Bose 901 Series VI Speaker

    Bose 901 Series VI Speaker

    Jual Bose 901 Series VI Speaker. Flagship Bose® speaker delivers legendary performance from stereo components, Nine full-range drivers provide greater power

    Rp 17.500.000
  • Electro Voice ZLX-12

    Electro Voice ZLX-12

    Jual Speaker Electro Voice ZLX-12 Passive 12″. 12” woofer for low-end punch in a compact enclosure and 1.5” high-frequency, 250 W continuous and 1000 W peak

    Rp 12.000.000
  • Electro Voice ZLX-15

    Electro Voice ZLX-15

    Jual Electro Voice ZLX-15 Speaker Passive 15″. 15” woofer for extended low-frequency response and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver, …

    Rp 14.000.000
  • JBL AC2212

    JBL AC2212

    Jual JBL AC2212 Speaker Dinding / Floor. Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 12″ LF. one 12 in low frequency driver and one voice-coil compression driver.

    Rp 28.000.000
  • JBL AC2215

    JBL AC2215

    Jual JBL AC2215 Speaker Passive 15″. JBL AC2215 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 15″ and one voice-coil compression driver. Bi-Amp/Passive Switchable.

    Rp 33.000.000
  • JBL C50Pack

    JBL C50Pack

    Jual JBL C50Pack. Speaker pasif 4 Surface Mount speaker dan 1 unit satelite Subwoofer Speaker. 200 Watts Continuous Power | 100 Watts Continuous Pink Noise

    Rp 9.500.000
  • JBL EON 305

    JBL EON 305

    Jual Speaker Pasif JBL EON 305 Harga Murah. The EON 305 is a 15-inch, two-way, passive, portable speaker system 250 watts continuously and 1000 watts peak.

    Rp 12.300.000
  • JBL JRX 115

    JBL JRX 115

    Jual Speaker Pasif 15″ JBL JRX 115 Murah. The JBL JRX 115 is road-tough and has the renowned JBL sound. Heavy-duty recessed handles, 1,000W peak power

    Rp 11.000.000
  • JBL JRX 212

    JBL JRX 212

    Jual Speaker Pasif 12 inch JBL JRX 212. The JBL JRX 212 is a portable, designed specifically for live performance stage monitoring applications.

    Rp 11.000.000
  • JBL JRX 215

    JBL JRX 215

    Jual JBL JRX215 Speaker Passive 15″. JBL JRX215 1000 Watt Power Rating, Frequency Range (-10 dB): 41 Hz – 18 kHz, Frequency Response (±3 dB): 59 Hz – 13 kHz

    Rp 12.800.000
  • JBL KP610

    JBL KP610

    Jual Speaker JBL KP610 Untuk kebutuhan KTV, Home Karaoke, Bar, dan Club. 10 Inch 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System. The JBL KP610 is a premium high-output

    Rp 19.000.000
  • JBL KP612

    JBL KP612

    Jual JBL KP612 Speaker Pasif 12″. Attractive 16 gauge protective screen backed steel grille, Single position pole socket for applications requiring pole …

    Rp 25.000.000
  • JBL KP615

    JBL KP615

    Jual JBL KP615 Speaker Passive 15″. Power Rating (Continuous/Program/Peak): 350 W/700 W/1400 W, System Type: 15″, 2-way, bass-reflex, Nominal Impedance 8ohm

    Rp 30.000.000
  • JBL KS308

    JBL KS308

    Jual JBL KS308 Speaker Karaoke 8″. Power Rating (Continuous/Program/Peak): 150 W / 300 W / 600 W, Maximum SPL: 110 dB (116 dB peak), System Type: 8″, 2-way

    Rp 6.300.000
  • JBL MRX 512M

    JBL MRX 512M

    Jual Speaker Passive 15″ JBL MRX 512M Original. Power rating: 400W/800W/1600W, Rated maximum SPL: 129dB SPL continuous, Frequency range: 60Hz-20kHz

    Rp 18.500.000
  • JBL-PRX-415M

    JBL PRX 415M

    Jual JBL PRX 415 Speaker Passive 15″ murah. JBL PRX 415M 15″ Two-Way Stage Monitor Dan Loudspeaker System. JBL PRX 415M is a portable, fifteen-inch

    Rp 19.500.000
  • JBL-PRX412M

    JBL PRX412M

    Jual JBL PRX412M Speaker Passive Murah. JBL PRX412M adalah Speaker Passive 12 inch yang sangat banyak digunakan untuk speaker monitor di panggung.

    Rp 16.500.000
  • Mackie C200

    Mackie C200

    Jual Speaker Mackie C200 Passive 10″. Power Handling: rms: 200 watts, music: 350 watts, peak: 500 watts, Input Type: Speakon-style NL4 jack, 1/4″ TS

    Rp 6.500.000
  • Proel-EX-10P

    Proel EX-10P

    Rp 3.800.000
  • Proel-EX-12P

    Proel EX-12P

    Jual Speaker Pasif Proel EX-12P Harga Murah. Speaker Passive Proel EX-12P memiliki kualitas suara yang sangat baik. Proel EX-12P sangat Cocok untuk Rumah.

    Rp 4.500.000
  • Proel-EX-15P

    Proel EX-15P

    Jual Speaker Proel EX-15P Pasif Speaker. Proel EX-15P adalah Speaker 500 watt maximum. dengan design untuk outdoor maupun indoor. Harga Proel EX-15P Murah

    Rp 5.500.000
  • Proel-Flash-12Pv2

    Proel Flash 12Pv2

    Jual Proel Flash 12Pv2 Passive Speaker 12″ harga murah. The PROEL FLASH 12Pv2 loudspeakers have provided thousands of users all around the world.

    Rp 6.700.000
  • Proel-Flash-15P

    Proel Flash 15P

    Jual Proel Flash 15P Passive Speaker 15″ Harga Murah. Proel Flash 15P sangat banyak digunakan oleh Rental orgen tunggal. Speaker Proel Flash 15A Murah

    Rp 9.350.000
  • Proel-Flash-5P

    Proel Flash 5P

    Jual Proel Flash 5P Speaker Passive 5″ Harga Murah. Speaker Proel Flash 5″ Sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan karaoke atau kebutuhan Background Music.

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Proel-Neos-15P

    Proel Neos 15P

    Jual Proel Neos 15P Passive Speaker Harga Murah. Speaker Proel Neos 15P di desain untuk outdoor. Kemampuannya yang sangat tangguh aman untuk di lapangan.

    Rp 20.500.000