Speaker Active

  • Behringer-B108D

    Behringer B108D

    Jual Speaker Active Behringer B108D Harga Murah. Speaker Behringer B108D adalah speaker active 8″ 300 watt. speaker ini cocok untuk ruangan kamar atau tamu

    Rp 5.750.000
  • Behringer-B110D

    Behringer B110D

    Jual Speaker 10″ Harga Murah. Behringer B110D adalah speaker active 10″ dan memiliki 300watt power. Speaker ini cocok untuk kebutuhan indoor seperti Rumah

    Rp 6.200.000
  • Behringer-B112D

    Behringer B112D

    Jual Speaker Active 15″ behringer B112D Murah. Speaker Active Behringer B112D adalah speaker 2 way. Speaker Power 1000 watt ini sangat cocok untuk indoor

    Rp 7.500.000
  • Behringer-B112MP3

    Behringer B112MP3

    Jual Speaker Aktif Behringer B112MP3 Murah. Speaker Active Behringer B112MP3 adalah speaker 12″ dengan power 1000Watt lengkap dengan fitur USB dan Radio

    Rp 8.500.000
  • Behringer-B112W

    Behringer B112W

    Jual behringer B112W harga murah Original garansi resmi. Speaker Behringer B112W adalah speaker active 12″ dengan 1000 watt speaker Dengan Fitur Wireless

    Rp 9.300.000
  • Behringer B115D

    Behringer B115D

    Jual Speaker Active Behringer B115D Murah harga dealer. Speaker aktif behringer B115D adalah speaker 15 inch dengan kemampuan 1000 watt.

    Rp 9.000.000
  • Behringer-B115MP3

    Behringer B115MP3

    Jual Behringer B115MP3 Speaker Active 15″ murah. Behringer B115MP3 adalah speaker 15 inch dengan power 1000 watt. speaker ini sudah dilengkapi  dengan MP3

    Rp 10.000.000
  • Behringer-B115W

    Behringer B115W

    Jual Behringer B115W Speaker Aktif 15″ Murah. Behringer B115W adalah speaker 15″ dengan kemampuan power 1000W dan sudah memiliki fitur Wireless System

    Rp 8.500.000
  • Behringer-B208D

    Behringer B208D

    Jual behringer B208D Speaker Aktif 8″ murah. Behringer B208D adalah speaker active 8 inch yang sangat cocok untuk indoor. Behringer B208D Harga Murah

    Rp 5.500.000
  • Behringer-B210D

    Behringer B210D

    Jual Behringer B210D Speaker Aktif 10″ Murah. Speaker active Behringer B210D adalah speaker 10 inch untuk ruang meeting atau cafe. Behringer B210D Murah

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Behringer-B212D

    Behringer B212D

    Jual Behringer B212D Speaker Active 15″ Murah. Speaker Behringer B212D cocok untuk Cafe, Indoor, ataupun ruang meeting. Promo Harga Behringer B212D Murah

    Rp 7.500.000
  • Behringer-B215D

    Behringer B215D

    Jual Behringer B215D Speaker Active 15″ Murah. Speaker Behringer B215D adalah speaker aktif 15 inch yang sering digunakan untuk indoor atau outdoor.

    Rp 9.200.000
  • Behringer B615D

    Jual Behringer B615D Speaker Active 15″ Murah, Behringer B615D memiliki power 1500 Watt. Speaker ini sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan outdoor. Behringer B615D

    Rp 12.700.000
  • Behringer B812NEO

    Behringer B812NEO

    Jual Speaker Aktif Behringer B812NEO Murah. Behringer B812NEO adalah Speaker Active a5 Inch yang memiliki power yang sangat besar Harga Behringer B812NEO

    Rp 10.950.000
  • Behringer-B815NEO

    Behringer B815NEO

    Jual Behringer B815NEO Speaker Active 15″ murah. Behringer B815NEO adalah speaker aktif 15″ yang memiliki power 1260 Watt. Promo Harga Behringer B815NEO

    Rp 13.600.000
  • Behringer-B912NEO

    Behringer B912NEO

    Jual Behringer B912NEO murah. Behringer B912NEO adalah speaker active 12″. Behringer B912NEO aktif speaker memiliki Power 1260 Watt. Promo Behringer B912NEO

    Rp 13.000.000
  • Behringer EPS500MP3

    Behringer EPS500MP3

    Jual Behringer EPS500MP3 Speaker Active 500 Watt 8 Inch. “Wireless-ready” for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included).

    Rp 7.000.000
  • Beyer BCF 15A

    Beyer BCF 15A

    Jual Beyer BCF 15A Speaker Active 15″. Peak capacity 500 watt, Power amplifier 250 watt, Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm, Grill : metal mess, black powder coating

    Rp 5.800.000
  • dB Technologies Cromo 10+

    dB Technologies Cromo 10+

    Jual Speaker Aktif dB Technologies Cromo 10+. 2-way Active speaker | 400 Watt Power | Amp Class D | 1″ LF Drive | Limiter Dual Active, Peak, RMS, Thermal

    Rp 7.500.000
  • dB Technologies Cromo 12+

    dB Technologies Cromo 12+

    Jual dB Technologies Cromo 12+ Speaker Active 12 Inch. Frequency Response [-10dB]: 55 – 20.000 Hz | Frequency Response [+/- 3dB] : 60 – 19.000 Hz

    Rp 10.500.000
  • dB Technologies Cromo 15+

    dB Technologies Cromo 15+

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15 inch dB Technologies Cromo 15+ Harga Promo. Kapasitas Power 600 Watt | Amp Class: Class D | Amp Technology: Digipack™

    Rp 12.000.000
  • db-technologies-cromo-8

    dB Technologies Cromo 8+

    Jual dB Technologies Cromo 8+ Speaker Active 8 Inch Murah. Kapasitas Power 300 Watt, 2-Way Active Speaker, Max SPL 118 dB, Amp Class D

    Rp 6.000.000
  • Electro Voice ZLX-12P

    Electro Voice ZLX-12P

    Jual Electro Voice ZLX-12P Speaker Aktif 12″. 1000 W (Class D); 126 dB max SPL; 50 Hz – 20 kHz, 12” woofer & 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver

    Rp 16.500.000
  • Electro Voice ZLX-15P

    Electro Voice ZLX-15P

    Jual Speaker Aktif Electro Voice ZLX-15P. 1000 W (Class D); 127 dB max SPL; 42 Hz – 20 kHz, 15” woofer and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver.

    Rp 18.500.000
  • FBT X-Lite 10

    FBT X-Lite 10

    Jual FBT X-Lite 10 Harga Miring. 1000W, 2-channel amplifier in Class D for LF and in Class AB for HF with a high dynamics response. DSP with 4 EQ presets

    Rp 9.000.000
  • Hupper 15HA

    Huper 15HA

    Jual Speaker Active 15″ Huper 15HA. The Hupper 15HA 400 watt can be used in indooror outdoor venues for live sound reinforcement, vocals, speech.

    Rp 8.300.000
  • Huper AK 15A

    Huper AK 15A

    Jual Speaker Active 15 Huper AK 15A. Huper AK15A untuk live sound reinforcement , vocals , speech and music playback in entertainment , schools , pub ..

    Rp 9.500.000
  • JBL EON 315

    JBL EON 315

    Jual Speaker JBL EON 315 harga murah. The JBL EON 315 is a 15-inch, two-way, powered, portable speaker system. System Power Rating 560 Watt Peak

    Rp 14.400.000
  • JBL EON 510

    JBL EON 510

    Jual Speaker Active JBL EON 510 Murah. The JBL EON 510 is a 10-inch, two-way, powered, portable speaker system 280 watt High-Performance Powered Speaker

    Rp 15.800.000
  • JBL EON 515XT

    JBL EON 515XT

    Jual Speaker Aktif JBL EON 515XT. Live Sound Reinforcement for Speech and Vocals (Presenters, Singers or Entertainers, Teachers), Floor Monitors for Live ..

    Rp 20.500.000
  • JBL EON 615

    JBL EON 615

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15″ JBL EON 615. Bluetooth integration, JBL Waveguide Technology, Enclosure designs have been optimized for ideal acoustic resonance …

    Rp 17.500.000
  • JBL-PRX-612M

    JBL PRX 612M

    Jual JBL PRX 612M Murah. JBL PRX 612M adalah speaker 12 inch Two-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement System. Sangat cocok untuk Indoor

    Rp 27.000.000
  • JBL-PRX-615M

    JBL PRX 615M

    Jual Speaker JBL PRX 615M Murah. JBL PRX 615M adalah Full Range Speaker 15 inch Two-Way Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement System. Maximum SPL 135db peak

    Rp 28.000.000
  • JBL PRX 710

    JBL PRX 710

    Jual JBL PRX 710 Speaker Active Original Asli. 133 dB peak SPL, 10″ low-frequency driver for low-distortion and higher SPL, 1500 Watt Power Rating.

    Rp 21.500.000
  • JBL PRX 712

    JBL PRX 712

    Jual Speaker Aktif 12″ JBL PRX 712 Original Garansi Resmi. 135 dB peak SPL, 1500 W Power Rating, Multi-angle enclosure for main PA or floor monitor.

    Rp 24.500.000
  • JBL PRX 715

    JBL PRX 715

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15″ JBL PRX 715 Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun. Power 1500 Watt, 136 dB peak SPL, Integrated M10 suspension points for easy setup. 15″ Two-Way

    Rp 26.500.000
  • Mackie DLM8

    Mackie DLM8

    Jual Speaker Aktif 8″ Mackie DLM8. 2-way, 2,000-watt powered speaker that is 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers, 8″ LF woofer, 1.75″ HF compression driver

    Rp 21.500.000
  • Mackie HD1221

    Mackie HD1221

    Jual Speaker Aktif 12 inch Mackie HD1221. 1200W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification, LF 500W RMS / 1000W peak, HF 100W RMS / 200W peak.

    Rp 20.500.000
  • Mackie HD1521

    Mackie HD1521

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15″ Mackie HD1521. Total Power: 1600 Watt, 15″ neodymium woofer with 3″ voice coil, Onboard 3-band EQ lets you tailor your tone.

    Rp 36.000.000
  • Mackie HD1531

    Mackie HD1531

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15″ Mackie HD1531. 1,800-watt total system power using Class-D Fast Recovery amplification, LF: 700W RMS / 1400W peak, MF: 100W RMS

    Rp 38.800.000
  • Mackie SRM 450

    Mackie SRM 450

    Jual Speaker aktif 15″ Mackie SRM 450. Live Sound That Sounds Like It Should, Stunning Bass via Servo Feedback Controlled, All New Lightweight Woofer. …

    Rp 12.000.000
  • Mackie SRM 650

    Mackie SRM 650

    Jual Speaker Active 15″ Mackie SRM 650. 2-way, 1,600W powered speaker in an all-wood cabinet, 15″ LF woofer, 1.4″ HF compression titanium driver.

    Rp 21.000.000
  • Mackie-Thump-TH-12A-1000W

    Mackie Thump TH 12A 1000W

    Jual Speaker Mackie Thump TH 12A 1000W Harga murah. Speaker ini cocok untuk speaker karaoke atau speaker meeting. Speaker Mackie Thump TH 12A 1000W Promo

    Rp 7.800.000
  • Mackie-Thump-TH-15A-1000W

    Mackie Thump TH 15A 1000W

    Jual Speaker Active Mackie Thump TH 15A 1000W harga Murah. Mackie Thump TH 15A 1000W adalah product terbaru 2014 yang sangat bertenaga. Speaker Untuk Outdor

    Rp 10.000.000
  • Proel-EX-10A

    Proel EX-10A

    Speaker Pasif Proel EX-10A sangat banyak digunakan untuk ruangan keluarga ataupun ruangan karaoke. Proel EX-10A memiliki memiliki suara yang Soft

    Rp 5.800.000
  • Proel-EX-12A

    Proel EX-12A

    Jual Speaker Active proel EX-12A Harga Murah. Proel EX-12A sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan ruangan meeting ataupun kebutuhan Ruang tamu. Promo Proel EX-12A

    Rp 6.500.000
  • Proel-EX-12MA

    Proel EX-12MA

    Jual Speaker Active Proel EX-12MA Harga Promo. Speaker Monitor Proel EX-12MA biasanya digunakan untuk di panggung.  Sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan Panggung

    Rp 6.700.000
  • Proel-EX-15A

    Proel EX-15A

    Rp 7.500.000
  • Proel-Flash-12Av2

    Proel Flash 12Av2

    Jual Proel Flash 12Av2 Speaker Aktif 12″ Harga murah. Proel Flash 12Av2 adalah speaker active yang sangat banyak digunakan di rumah ataupun di Gereja

    Rp 8.600.000
  • Proel-Flash-15A

    Proel Flash 15A

    Rp 12.150.000