Speaker 3-Way

  • Behringer-B2520-PRO

    Behringer B2520 PRO

    Jual Speaker Behringer B2520 PRO Murah. Behringer B2520 PRO adalah speaker 3way pasif yang sangat powerfull. Beli Behringer B2520 PRO Harga Murah sekarang

    Rp 12.650.000
  • JBL AC25

    JBL AC25

    Jual Speaker 3 way JBL AC25. Ultra Compact 2-way Loudspeaker with 2 x 5.25” LF. High output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining flexibility …

    Rp 17.800.000
  • JBL AC26

    JBL AC26

    Jual JBL AC26 Speaker Outdoor 3 Way Passive. Ultra Compact 2-way Loudspeaker with 2 x 6.5” LF, High output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining flexibility.

    Rp 25.800.000
  • JBL JRX 125

    JBL JRX 125

    Jual Spaeker 3way JBL JRX 125 Murah. Built with American-made JBL drivers, beefy JBL crossovers, roadworthy MDF cabinets, heavy-duty recessed handles, …

    Rp 15.500.000
  • JBL JRX225

    JBL JRX225

    Jual JBL JRX225 Speaker 3-Way 15″ Dengan kemampuan power maximum hingga 2000 Watt. Speaker 3 way ini sangat cocok untuk kebutuhan Indoor ataupun Outdoor

    Rp 17.500.000
  • JBL-PRX-425

    JBL PRX 425

    Jual JBL PRX 425 Murah. JBL PRX 425 adalah speaker 3-way passive yang sangat banyak digunakan untuk outdoor ataupun ballroom. Promo JBL PRX 425 Murah

    Rp 28.000.000
  • JBL-PRX-625

    JBL PRX 625

    Jual Speaker JBL PRX 625 Harga Murah. JBL PRX 625 If a simple set-up is required and full bandwidth output at high levels is a must then the JBL PRX 625.

    Rp 32.000.000
  • JBL-PRX-635

    JBL PRX 635

    Jual Speaker JBL PRX 635 Murah. JBL PRX 635 The JBL PRX 635 three-way configuration was conceived, created and tuned for accuracy and spectral balance.

    Rp 28.000.000
  • JBL PRX 725

    JBL PRX 725

    Jual Speaker Active 3-Way 15″ JBL PRX 725 Garansi Resmi. 139 dB peak SPL, Power Rating 1500 W, Normal and Boost user selectable EQ presets.

    Rp 42.800.000
  • JBL PRX735

    JBL PRX 735

    Rp 41.500.000
  • Mackie HD1531

    Mackie HD1531

    Jual Speaker Aktif 15″ Mackie HD1531. 1,800-watt total system power using Class-D Fast Recovery amplification, LF: 700W RMS / 1400W peak, MF: 100W RMS

    Rp 38.800.000
  • Proel-EX-215P4

    Proel EX-215P4

    Jual Proel EX-215P4 3way Speaker 15″ Harga Murah. Speaker ini sangat banyak digunakan di lapangan (outdoor). Harga Speaker Yang sangat Murah dan Berkualitas

    Rp 9.800.000