• Behringer Megaphone XT

    Behringer Megaphone XT

    Jual Megaphone Behringer Megaphone XT. 40 Watt Handheld PA System with Microphone and Rechargeable Battery. battery with 8 hours life recharges just 4 hours

    Rp 2.000.000
  • TOA ZR-2015S

    TOA ZR-2015S

    Jual Megaphone TOA ZR-2015S Asli Murah. The ZR-2015S comes with a whistle and has a separate microphone. It can be mounted to the optional speaker stand.

    Rp 550.000
  • TOA ZR-510

    TOA ZR-510

    Jual Megaphone TOA ZR-510S Murah. Megaphone dengan pemakaian handheld / gengam di tangan. Cocok untuk customer gathering, outbound, tour leader dan Demo

    Rp 350.000