Signal Processor

  • Alto ACL8

    Alto ACL8

    Jual Alto ACL8 Harga Murah. The Alto ACL8 delivers eight channels of crystal clear compression, brick wall limiting and inaudible noise gating for the most

    Rp 4.350.000
  • Alto ACOM2

    Alto ACOM2

    Jual Alto ACOM2 Compressor Murah. ACOM2 is a two-channel compressor/limiter/gate that gives you maximum clarity and smooth level control for any pro audio.

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Behringer-ADA8000

    Behringer ADA8000

    Jual Behringer ADA8000 Murah harga Promo. Behringer ADA8000 adalah Audiophile 8 Channel Mic Preamplifiers and ADAT Interface. dibutuhkan untuk studio Band

    Rp 3.200.000
  • Behringer-ADA8200

    Behringer ADA8200

    Jual Behringer ADA8200 Murah harga Dealer. Behringer ADA 8200 adalah Converter 8 input. Behringer ADA8200 sangat cocok untuk penggunaan Studio atau Live

    Rp 3.800.000
  • Behringer ADI21

    Jual Behringer ADI21 DI Box Harga Murah. Behringer ADI21 Acoustic Amp Modeler / Direct Recording Preamp / DI Box. Digunakan untuk pengaplikasian gitar.

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer-AMP800

    Behringer AMP800

    Jual Headphone Amplifier Behringer AMP800 Murah. Headphone amplifier digunakan untuk Studio dan Live Perform. Behringer AMP800 Harga Promo Murah Pesan

    Rp 1.500.000
  • Behringer CX2310

    Behringer CX2310

    Jual Behringer CX2310 Crossover untuk kebutuhan Passive System. Crossover 2 way dan 3 way ini sangat mudah untuk digunakan dengan fitur yang menarik.

    Rp 1.850.000
  • Behringer CX3400

    Behringer CX3400

    Jual Behringer CX3400. Behringer CX3400 adalah Crossover 3 way / Crossover 4 way. Crossover ini sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur tambahan untuk “Delay”

    Rp 2.600.000
  • Behringer DCX2496

    Behringer DCX2496

    Jual Behringer DCX2496 Digital Loudspeaker Management System. Behringer DCX2496 sudah dilengkapi dengan Fitur “Delay” Tambahan. Sudah Compatible dengan Rack

    Rp 5.500.000
  • Behringer DCX2496LE

    Behringer DCX2496LE

    Jual Digital Loudspeaker Management System. Digital Loudspeaker Management Behringer DCX2496LE Sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur “Delay” untuk penggunaan Life

    Rp 3.500.000
  • Behringer DEQ1024

    Behringer DEQ1024

    Jual Behringer DEQ1024 Equalizer 31 Band Mono. Behringer DEQ1024 sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur Feedback Destroyer, Pink Noise Generator, Dynamic Dan Filter

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer DEQ2496

    Behringer DEQ2496

    Jual Behringer DEQ2496 Equalizer Digital yang sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur tambahan Audio Analyzer, Feedback Destroyer dan Mastering Processor.

    Rp 4.800.000
  • Behringer DI100

    Behringer DI100

    Jual Behringer DI100 Direct Box. Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications, Stackable oversized rubber corners.

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer DI20

    Behringer DI20

    Jual Behringer DI20 DI Box 2 Channel. Ultra-flat frequency response due to servo-balanced operation, Ultra-rugged, road-suitable metal case.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer DI4000

    Behringer DI4000

    Jual Behringer DI4000 Direct Box 4 Channel. Allows direct connection to speaker outputs with up to 3,000 Watts, Switchable High-cut filter (8 kHz) for gitar

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer DI400P

    Behringer DI400P

    Jual Behringer DI400P Direct Box. Ultra-flat frequency response due to renowned BEHRINGER OT-2 transformer, Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground …

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer DI600P

    Behringer DI600P

    Jual Behringer DI600P Direct Box. Filter switch reduces annoying hiss and buzz, Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio …

    Rp 850.000
  • Behringer DI800

    Behringer DI800

    Jual Behringer DI800 Direct Box 8 Channel. Switchable input attenuation allows input levels of up to +40 dB, Link output for easy connection to further …

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Behringer DSP1124P

    Behringer DSP1124P

    Jual Behringer DSP1124P Feedback destroyer alat yang digunakan untuk kebutuhan microphone agar tidak mengalami feedback pada saat digunakan Perform.

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer FBQ100

    Behringer FBQ100

    Jual Behringer FBQ100 Feedback Destroyer with Integrated Microphone Preamp, Delay Line, Noise Gate and Compressor. Automatic compressor with variable densit

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ1000

    Behringer FBQ1000

    Jual Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer. Alat ini digunakan untuk kebutuhan Microphone agar tidak terjadi Feedback pada saat digunakan. 2 Channel …

    Rp 2.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ1502

    Behringer FBQ1502

    Jual Behringer FBQ1502 15 Band Equalizer. Additional low-cut filter removes unwanted frequencies, e.g. floor rumble, Professional 15-band stereo Equalizer

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ2496

    Behringer FBQ2496

    Rp 3.200.000
  • Behringer FBQ3102

    Behringer FBQ3102

    Jual Behringer FBQ3102 Professional 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications, Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer FBQ6200

    Behringer FBQ6200

    Jual Equalizer Behringer FBQ6200. Audiophile 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio applications, Shielded toroidal power transformer for ..

    Rp 2.800.000
  • Behringer FBQ800

    Behringer FBQ800

    Jual Behringer FBQ800 Equalizer 9 Band. Ultra-compact 9.5″ graphic equalizer for studio and stage applications, Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system

    Rp 1.300.000
  • Behringer FCA1616

    Behringer FCA1616

    Jual Behringer FCA1616 Audiophile Preamp. 4 state-of-the-art MIDAS designed mic preamplifiers, with phantom power, individual Pad, Low Cut and Hi-Z

    Rp 4.000.000
  • Behringer FCA202

    Behringer FCA202

    Jual Behringer FCA202 F-Control Audio. Audiophile FireWire interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. with your computer for recording and playback

    Rp 1.500.000
  • Behringer FCA610

    Behringer FCA610

    Jual Behringer FCA610 Audiophile audio interface with 24-Bit/96 kHz resolution for virtually any digital recording/mixing environment. Multi-channel audio

    Rp 3.200.000
  • Behringer FEX800

    Behringer FEX800

    Jual Behringer FEX800 Multi FX Processor. 16 awesome FX presets in 24-bit resolution including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, …

    Rp 1.300.000
  • Behringer FX2000

    Behringer FX2000

    Jual Behringer FX2000 Virtualizer Effect Processor. 71 breathtaking new algorithms—true RSM (Real Sound Modeling) stereo and 3D effects, Authentic amp …

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Behringer GI100

    Behringer GI100

    Jual Behringer GI100 Direct Box. Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications, Authentic 4 x 12″ speaker emulation

    Rp 850.000
  • Behringer HA400

    Behringer HA400

    Jual Behringer HA400 Headphone Amplifier. Ultra Compact 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier. 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer HA4700

    Behringer HA4700

    Jual Behringer HA4700. 4-Channel High-Power Headphones Mixing and Distribution Amplifier, multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for studio applications

    Rp 2.200.000
  • Behringer HA8000

    Behringer HA8000

    Jual Behringer HA8000. 8 totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in one rack space, 2 stereo Main inputs for two independent mixes …

    Rp 2.500.000
  • Behringer LD6230

    Behringer LD6230

    Jual Behringer LD6230 Dimmer Pack. 6-channel, DMX/analog controlled dimmer pack with up to 10 A load per channel, 3-phase mains supply

    Rp 5.000.000
  • Behringer MA400

    Behringer MA400

    Jual Headphone Amplifier Behringer MA400 Ultra-compact monitor headphone amplifier for studio and stage applications. DC 12 Vadapter included.

    Rp 750.000
  • Behringer MDX1600

    Behringer MDX1600

    Jual Behringer MDX1600. Behringer MDX1600 adalah alat compressor, Peak limiter Dengan Dynamic Enhancer, Gate dan Expander dengan 2 Channel.

    Rp 2.000.000
  • Behringer MDX2600

    Behringer MDX2600

    Jual Behringer MDX2600 Compressor. Switchable IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) program-adaptive compression circuitry combines the advantages of hard-knee

    Rp 2.000.000
  • Behringer MDX4600

    Behringer MDX4600

    Jual Compressor Behringer MDX4600 Reference Class 4 Channel Expander/Gate/ Compressor/Peak Limiter with Dynamic Enhancer and Low Contour Filter.

    Rp 2.600.000
  • Behringer MIC100

    Behringer MIC100

    Jual Audiophile Vacum Tube Preamp Behringer MIC100. High-end preamplification for all microphone, instrument and line-level sources. Complements especially

    Rp 1.500.000
  • Behringer MIC200

    Behringer MIC200

    Jual Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamp Behringer MIC200. High-end preamplification for all microphone, instrument and line-level sources.

    Rp 1.200.000
  • Behringer MIC2200

    Behringer MIC2200

    Jual Microphone Pream Behringer MIC2200. Ultra-low noise discrete microphone/line preamplifier with hand-selected 12AX7 tube for ultra-musical sound.

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer MIC800

    Behringer MIC800

    Jual Behringer MIC800 Microphone PreAmp. Ultra-compact microphone modeling preamp for studio and stage applications, +48 V phantom power and 20 dB Pad …

    Rp 1.300.000
  • Behringer MIX800

    Behringer MIX800

    Jual Behringer MIX800 Effect Vocal Karaoke. Behringer MIX800 adalah Karaoke Processor dengan fitur tambahan effect vocal reverb, echo dan Voice caller.

    Rp 1.300.000
  • Behringer MX400

    Behringer MX400

    Jual Preamp Behringer MX400. Ultra-compact 4 channel line mixer. Highest sonic quality even at maximum output level. Power adapter included.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer MX882

    Behringer MX882

    Jual Behringer MX882 Splitter. Ultra low noise 8 in/2 out line mixer and 2 in/8 out line splitter. Each channel can operate independently in mixer.

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer P1

    Behringer P1

    Jual Behringer P1 In Ear Monitor Amplifier. The Behringer P1’s high-power headphone output ensures that as the band gets louder, you’ll still be able to …

    Rp 1.200.000
  • Behringer-P1

    Behringer P1

    Rp 1.200.000
  • Behringer-P16-D

    Behringer P16-D

    Jual Behringer P16-D In Ear Monitor Amplifier Murah. In ear monitor amplifier Behringer P16-D sangat banyak digunakan untuk Recording atau DJ.

    Rp 3.250.000