• Behringer HM300

    Behringer HM300

    Jual Behringer HM300 Effect Gitar Heavy Metal. Level the house with the most extreme and sought-after hard rock/heavy metal distortion of the ’80s

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer LX1-X

    Behringer LX1-X

    Jual Behringer LX1-X Multi Effect High resolution stereo multi effects processor including first class stomp box simulations, delay, wah wah, chorus.

    Rp 1.300.000
  • Behringer NR300

    Behringer NR300

    Jual Behringer NR300 Efek Gitar Noise Reducer. Effectively eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone, Preserves the original attack

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer OD300

    Behringer OD300

    Jual Behringer OD300 Effect Gitar Over Drive. Take off with overdrive, distortion or a combination of both effects in one powerful pedal.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer OD400

    Behringer OD400

    Jual Behringer OD400 Effect Gitar Overdrive. The ultimate overdrive pedal for fat and big overdrive sounds with incredible dynamic response

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer PB100

    Behringer PB100

    Jual Behringer PB100 Effect Gitar Booster. Boost the volume and shape the sound of any instrument. Switch to turbo-mode when playing solos.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer PB1000

    Behringer PB1000

    Jual Behringer PB1000 Effects Pedal Board. Ultra compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 12 effects pedals.

    Rp 2.250.000
  • Behringer PB600

    Behringer PB600

    Jual Behringer PB600 Effects Pedal Floor Board. Ultra compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 6 effects pedals, including patch cables.

    Rp 1.800.000
  • Behringer PH9

    Behringer PH9

    Jual Behringer PH9 Effect Gitar Phase Shifter. Authentic and classic 90° phase shifting—from spacey warbles to mind-blowing hypnotic swirls.

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer PO300

    Behringer PO300

    Rp 650.000
  • Behringer RM600

    Behringer RM600

    Jual Behringer RM600 Effect Gitar. Ultimate Rotary Speaker Modeling Effects Pedal. Dedicated Model, Blend, Drive, Slow, Fast and Ramp controls for awesome.

    Rp 1.000.000
  • Behringer RV600

    Behringer RV600

    Jual Behringer RV600 Effect Gitar. The ultimate Reverb Modeler that delivers the whole history from classic spring reverbs to high end studio reverbs.

    Rp 1.000.000